4 Best Military Credit Cards – Are Your Rewards Cards Paying You Enough?

by Sean Chuplis on February 18, 2011

After reviewing dozens of reward credit cards over the past ten years I’ve picked the four best military credit cards with rewards programs tailored to how you spend your money. Get cash back on gas, groceries, restaurants, Amazon.com, and avoid paying extra fees when overseas. All with no annual fees.

Use credit cards responsibly

Remember credit card reward programs only benefit you when you use them responsibly. You should pay your balance off in full every month and incorporate them as a part of your budget. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by using these reward credit cards properly. See my articles on budgeting and debt for help. You should also use approved credit counseling agencies if you’re in debt trouble.

Military credit cards

You can find apply for these rewards credit cards by typing the name into the upper-right search box on CreditCards.com.

PenFed Visa Gas Cash Back5% cash back on gas and 2% on groceries using PenFed Visa Gas Rewards. The best thing about this card is it automatically pays you the rewards in your account monthly without the usual $50 minimum like most credit cards.

Citi Forward Restaurant Rewards5% back on restaurants and book stores using Citi Forward. You can actually triple the bonus by using your points to purchase restaurant gift certificates from Restaurant.com. They offer $25 gift certificates for $10.

Bank of America Accelerated Cash Rewards1.25% cash back on everything else using Bank of America Accelerated Cash Rewards. You’ll only get 1% cash back on other rewards cards, it may seem like a small difference but it adds up with a year of spending.

Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsWhen traveling overseas avoid foreign transaction fees using Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards. Credit cards charge you an extra 3% of the purchase price when you use your credit card overseas. No such fees with Capitol One and they even apply your cash back rewards right to your account!

Use the specialized categories to maximize your cash back on everyday spending. Make the switch today and start making credit cards pay you for a change!

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