My mission:

Simplify investing, encourage you to start early and retire early.

I believe many people avoid investing because the options seem overwhelming. I’ve taken my financial knowledge and put it into terms even a pilot could understand. My website tailored to the crew dog (slang for military aviator) but the principles apply to everyone. Think of it as your retirement gouge. Getting financially healthy is one thing you can’t afford to put off. The truth of it is, the later you start the harder it is to catch up.

About the author:

Air Force over 6 years through multiple deployments and traveled the world. I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Business Administration and love talking about finance.

My motivation:

I want to see all my military brothers and sisters succeed! We all make huge sacrifices for our country, at the very least we deserve a secure retirement at the end. Do yourself and your family a favor and put the time in now… you’ll thank yourself 20 years down the road.


I donate a portion of advertising proceeds to Disabled American Veterans. These patriots deserve the highest respect and care from our country. I encourage you to donate to this 4 star charity.

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